Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nobody Listens to Me, and other lies

"Why don't they listen to me?  I have some things they could hear.  They listen to other people."  And here begins the party of pity.  Particularly when discussing theological ideas we want others to believe the same way we do, come hell or high water.  Oftentimes, both hell and high water arrive on the scene of the conversation.  "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go eat some worms" says the schoolyard rhyme.  We've all been in that schoolyard.

We cannot force people to believe or hear us.  That is the job of the Holy Spirit.  We need to repent of the jealousy that comes along with our words being rejected while they listen to our friends.  We become jealous of our friends who have gained an audience.  May the Holy Spirit bless THAT conversation.

Our children appear to us as if they left the faith.  We have done all that we can as parents, and even what we have done is not perfect.  We are sinners teaching other sinners.  Pray for your child that they can hear the words of another prophet that brings them Good News of Jesus' forgiveness.  May the Holy Spirit bless THAT conversation.

The job given to us is to bring Jesus before the eyes and ears of others.  Leave the results with the Holy Spirit.  He points to Jesus perfectly, sometimes through us, sometimes through others, sometimes through Word and Sacrament.  Bring your family and friends before the throne of God.  He is good at recovering His sheep.

I am reminding myself of this as much as I am reminding you.  Here is the good news for you and me:  Jesus forgives you of your jealousies and frustrations.  He took that upon himself on the cross, so you can be free and joyful. He is faithful.  Praise Him!
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