Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tell Me Again!

I was gobstopped.  I couldn't open my mouth to brush aside the compliment because I was speechless. It was one of the best compliments I have had.  "What happened to you?  You look like Jesus."  At that moment, I felt like my feet did not touch the earth.  I look like my God and Savior.

Over the weekend I heard these sweet words from my loving Larry, "I want to take you to this restaurant I like."  It was the "I want to take you..." that melted my heart.  He was bringing me into his work world and wanting to show me a place he appreciates.  I was being included in one of the highlights of his working world.  Unfortunately, that restaurant was closed so we will share it another day.

From our amazing daughter I heard, "You should do that, Mom!"  I was telling her about ways of expanding and creating a business.  Such words of encouragement and support from one so young, yet she has much wisdom.  She often amazes me with her incredible insights into people.  With that kind of insight, she makes a terrific daughter and friend, and one day she will be a terrific wife and mother.

Monday, after telling a friend that I had not gone to church but didn't know why I was telling him that, he said, "For the sake of Jesus' innocent suffering and death our Father forgives you all your sin in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."  Then after awhile he said, "You confessed to me so I could tell you that."  They were words I needed to hear.  Jesus forgives me.

Our families should be the place where we speak God's forgiveness to one another.  Oftentimes we don't do so, because this is the place where buttons are pushed and hurts are grasped like an outfielder catching a baseball.  Family is where we can practice our Christian lives with those closest to us.  If you are harboring hurt and anger, take it to Jesus.  As often as it comes into your thoughts, take it to Jesus. Over and over.

Then speak sweet words of forgiveness to your family members and friends.  Again and again give the words of absolution, the sweetness of the gospel.  Become liberal in your sowing of grace. Watch as hearts melt from receiving the needed good news,  including your own.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Christians Are Hypocrites

Did I get your attention?  Good!  Then this is written for you.

Have you ever said thought that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites?  Have you thought it? You've witnessed Christians behaving badly toward others.  Perhaps even toward you.  You've heard cutting, harmful words, maybe those were spoken to you as well.  Christians are supposed to behave better, right? Christians should be the most moral people on the planet.

If you've thought that about Christians, I'll let you in on an oft-kept secret. Christianity isn't about living the most moral life imagineable. Let me reword it to be sure you heard it. Christianity isn't limited to morality.
We aren't the moral majority.  We're the forgiven majority.

Christianity is about forgiveness. Forgiveness of our sin and hatred of God. The difference between Christians and others is:  Forgiveness received through faith in Jesus Christ.

That forgiveness exists for you as well.