Friday, June 27, 2014

Lutheranism for the Rest of Us

I love theology.  Ask anyone who knows me well and they will confirm my first sentence.  Living, breathing, and discussing God and the Bible. We can never exhaust our knowledge of God because we are finite and He is not finite.  He is a bottomless well of endless treasures and delight.

He is also bigger than I can get my arms around, or wrap my brain around.  So much so, there are times I need to put theology and theological terms aside.  There are times when I must live out my faith without discussing it, without trying to fathom the depths of God.

There are many more books to read about God than I will ever be able to finish.  Including heretical ideas about God.  In Lutheranism, The Holy Bible and the Book of Concord are enough to keep one engaged for a lifetime, let alone all the other books out there that are not an official part of our confessions.  It is wonderful to have such a plethora of reading to choose from, except when your mind spins in circles. Round and round the thoughts go, never landing in a peaceful, restful place.  Stop it. Just stop.

That's my sure sign to do something else.  It is unnecessary for me to read every book on why Lutherans catechize, or why we accept the Book of Concord, or how the LCMS differs from WELS and ELCA.  Am I a Philipist or a Gnesio Lutheran?  Yes.  Am I a Radical Lutheran?  No.  How about a pietist?  The questions on topics like those can go on for a long time.  They've worn me down and out.  I am a member of a local LCMS, I think catechism is good, I'm working on understanding scriptures and the Book of Concord.  Help me to understand the basics.  I want to delight in the basics.  I love Jesus and He loves me. He even likes me.

At some point I may be more curious about why Lutherans did what we do.  But for the time being, I am living and trusting in my savior Jesus Christ.  That is enough.

I'll think about that!