Monday, January 13, 2014

Christians Are Hypocrites

Did I get your attention?  Good!  Then this is written for you.

Have you ever said thought that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites?  Have you thought it? You've witnessed Christians behaving badly toward others.  Perhaps even toward you.  You've heard cutting, harmful words, maybe those were spoken to you as well.  Christians are supposed to behave better, right? Christians should be the most moral people on the planet.

If you've thought that about Christians, I'll let you in on an oft-kept secret. Christianity isn't about living the most moral life imagineable. Let me reword it to be sure you heard it. Christianity isn't limited to morality.
We aren't the moral majority.  We're the forgiven majority.

Christianity is about forgiveness. Forgiveness of our sin and hatred of God. The difference between Christians and others is:  Forgiveness received through faith in Jesus Christ.

That forgiveness exists for you as well.

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