Friday, May 10, 2013

Diapers and Decrees

Calvinists like to bring up the sovereignty of God and view everything through that lens.  Some even to the point of God decreeing what color car they will drive to decreeing their own sin. God decreeing sin sounds to me an awful lot like Adam upon being caught after eating from the tree of knowledge  of good and evil, "It's that woman YOU GAVE ME LORD."  Adam tried to pin his own sin on to God.  If God is responsible for our sin, then why would we need a strong savior?  We are responsible for our sin.  No amount of excusing and accusing will take that away, no amount of syllogisms can remove that fact.  Stop denying your sin by hiding behind God sovereignly decreeing your sin.

Was Jesus sovereign when he was dependent upon Mary and Joseph to meet his daily needs, including changing soiled diapers? When Jesus was on the cross being poked with spears, having vinegar presented to him to drink, being mocked by Roman soldiers, was He still sovereign?  As He died in pain and anguish, suffering, was He sovereign?  Or are you like those around him at that time that thought He should have saved Himself?

Often I will hear that it was only Jesus' body on the cross.  People say such things because they are offended that a sovereign God would allow Himself to be treated in such a manner.  Suddenly, the Nestorian error pops up in order to protect God's sovereignty.  "God can't die",  "It was only Jesus' humanity on the cross".  Have you heard those notions?  They are mortal men's notions, you know.  The Psalms are full of praising the God of our Salvation.  Of course, God died for you.

The whole of Jesus died upon the cross for the whole of you, He was sovereignly victorying for you.  What looks foolish and weak to the world, was our dear Savior's mighty act of power.  Behold your God.  Praise Him.
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