Friday, November 12, 2010

Words of Love

"What is the Gospel? How can I be saved?" were the questions asked by the newcomer to the group.

"Predestination says that God chooses who He will save," came one reply.

"Election is how one is saved," replied another sinner.

"The Church tells us we must do penance."

Do you see the problem? What measly, pitiful answers! All the packaged theology stifled the words of love from coming to the fore. The answers were not clear, they were muddied. The replies were not answers at all!

Theology should always bring us to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Theology should never impede the mouths that should announce God's love for us. When theology points us to places other than Jesus, the lover of our soul, it is in need of repair.

The good news that you have been reconciled to God are the words of love from Jesus. Be reconciled!
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