Monday, September 8, 2008

Freud's Culture

"Man is a self-gratifying animal," says the wisdom of the Freudian school. There is an inner-anxiety that drives conflict. This conflict can clash with society, and result in tremendous guilt. Freudian treatment recommends that a person gratify desires in a socially acceptable way.

People are quick to dismiss Freud and his ideas as outdated. "No one really practices Freudian presuppositions in their practice." In reality, his ideas are all around us today. It has infiltrated every area of our culture, and most of us don't recognize it. Freud's ideas have been absorbed into our way of thinking, including within the Christian community.

What if there is no such thing as a socially acceptable way to gratify one's desires? According to Freudian thought, in order to relieve guilt, society is made to adopt aberrant, and sinful self-gratifying desires. Do you see this in action in the world we live in? It is all around us. It is blatantly visible with the loud cry that society must redefine marriage. If we won't allow this new definition willingly, the legal system is employed to force us to accept its redefinition, thus relieving the guilt of a small group.

One thing that is common in modern schools of psychology is their wrong presuppositions about man, our problem, our responsibility, guilt, treatment of problems, and the role of the counselor. Each of these aspects of diagnosing and treating problems is skewed. They are rooted in evolutionary ideas and thought.

But God knows us much better than all the schools of psychology. He is the one who made us, who searches our hearts and exposes our sin, who changes us to be more like His son, and He does it all with great skill, like a surgeon's knife.

Christians, why do you seek help from people who believe you are nothing more than an animal, who believe there is no God, who believe the answer is within ourselves, or by changing the world around us we will experience no guilt? We should seek help from God himself, and from fellow Christians. God and Christians operate with a higher goal for you: love.
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