Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Life as an INFJ

What is an INFJ?  It is a personality type.  Similar to a Meyers-Briggs test.  I test as an INFJ.  INFJ's consist of one percent of the population. So I'm an odd duck, which doesn't really surprise me.  I am a pretty good listener.

The listening life teaches me how to forgive.  When I listen to others, I hear what they say.  The speakers are not necessarily aware of what it is I take in.  Thoughtless, careless words that hurt and wound are some of those words.   Some can brush words aside easily; not me.  It is harder to forgive when nobody asks for forgiveness to repair relationship.  It takes time and prayer.  Again and again, asking Father to help me forgive and move on.

Right now I am learning that many want me to listen to them, but they do not want to listen to me.  I have ideas and thoughts.  Good ones.  But speakers do not know them; do not ask; only want to be heard.  So I listen.  And forgive.   When I need a break from listening, some speakers get angry at me and lash out in various ways.  Even though I said a break is in order for me.  Perhaps they did not hear it.  So be it.  I need what I need.

Many extroverts are unaware of others, and do not know how to deal with introverts.  Most times I can keep this in the front of my mind, and forgive easier.  Other times, I need a break from the noise.  Right now, I need a retreat.  I have heard of retreats where nobody is allowed to speak, except at meal times.  That sounds like heaven.

I know who are my friends that have conversations with me, back and forth discussions.  I regard their friendship highly.  Thank you.  Those of my friends that want me to listen again, I will.  Give me time.
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