Saturday, November 24, 2012

Continuous Line

While lolling about and watching a movie, we were practicing our abilities at blind line contours.  We laughed at the results.  Many cyclops, monkeys, and Punches of Punch and Judy fame emerged on our papers.  Then something clicked for me.  Line contours made me think of the continuing existing self.

The continuing existing self is our attempt to clean up our old nature and make it behave in order to please God, it's a feeble attempt at not needing a Savior to rescue us.  A line contour is an art exercise where your pen never leaves the paper and your eyes look only at the subject you are attempting to outline.  Both of these have one continuous line, both end up with non perfect results.  One practice is more deadly than the other. 

The Holy Spirit kills that continuing existing self in order to create a new creature of faith.  It is wonderful to reckon onself dead to the law so that one can be hidden in Christ.  I have a new master who loves me, not the old master that has pointed bony fingers.
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