Saturday, December 22, 2012

Confession is Good

Why people confess things to me, I don't know.  Maybe it is because I make a conscious effort not to repeat what is confessed.  Maybe others think I am safe.  I am not safe.  And I will use what others have told me without revealing who, in order to write this post.  Unsure of how to respond to some of these admissions, I often feel like a cow staring at a new gate. 

One Christian confesses, "I am reading 50 Shades of Gray.  I love it.  That is how twisted I am."

Another bashfully chuckles to me, "What if I like my sin?"

I listen dumbfounded.  I want to tell them both to go take a long walk off a short pier.  I want to tell them to repent.  Maybe I should do both of those things.  I wonder if Pastors think the way I am thinking.  I become angry and have to confess my own sin.  

These are confessions that tell me these statements are not of faith.  They are admitting to rebellion and lawlessness; faithlessness.  On these admissions, they have believed the lie of Satan that Christian freedom means abandonment of the bounds of love; choosing self justification instead of love of neighbor.  It is hard to listen to because it is on these points that relationships are severed, as it breaks our unity in Christ Jesus.

Be sure you hear me on this:  I am not saying they are not Christians.  I am saying on these admissions, they need Christ's absolution.

One good brother, gave me this advice:  Tell them the gospel of forgiveness of sin.  They will either receive it, or stop making confessions to you.

Thank you, brother, for teaching me how to hear these things from others; and how to minister to their unbelief by pointing them back to Jesus.

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