Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calvinism's Assurance Ministry

When I was a full-fledged Calvinist, volunteering my time in an online apologetic website by proofreading and helping in the chatroom, I was often having to assure other Calvinists of their salvation. The first thing I would remind them was how much they hate their sin as a sign of their faith. This pattern was repeated over and over many times.

For awhile, I thought because of this I should go into Nouthetic Counseling. People would turn to me, seeking assurance. Then I was awakened to the truth of Limited Atonement.

If Jesus died only for a few people, then the natural question to ask is, "Did He die for me?" Being unable to look at Jesus on the cross saying, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do," as universal atonement, one had to look elsewhere. So, you start examining your own inward thoughts. What a way to plummet to the depths of despair!

The human heart is so wicked we cannot even know our own hearts, let alone the heart of another person. It is better to trust in the words of Jesus than it is to look within ourselves. Jesus is God, and He never lies. Scripture says He died for the whole world. His death, burial, and resurrection was generous to the point of saving all if one receives this free gift.

Calvinists, stop looking within for faith and trust in Jesus' finished work on the cross.
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