Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sons of Bankers, Sons of Lawyers

And a daughter of a fireman.

People say that how you view your father when you are a child is a significant thing. It affects your view of God. If your father is kind, you view God as kind; if your father is vindictive, you view God that way. Whether that is true for every person in every situation, I highly doubt.

It takes a certain kind of personality to be a firefighter. People who are slow to decide; selfish to their own physical needs; do not consider others as important; need not apply for the job. My earthly father is one who is quick to help others; will put himself in harm's way without thinking twice about it; loves others by his actions.

I see God as loving by actively participating in the lives of His creatures; selflessly, willing to help, desiring the best. We see this in Jesus on the cross; being killed by sinful human beings. He prays for those sinners, asking Father for forgiveness for them.

Father, thank you for your image-bearers who remind me of You.

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