Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life Strains and Strangeness

Suffering is something common to every human being.  We all know it very well.  Rather than facing it we will try to make it go away in many fashions.  Busy-ness, mind altering drugs or alcohol, working too many hours, avoiding thinking about what pains us can be a costly ordeal.  Not just in finances, either.

In Christian circles, it is often not okay to suffer.  We don't want to hear of others' pain, and we don't want to reveal ours for fear of looking weak and needing help.  When I am too honest, I have experienced people shutting me out of groups, or just trying to shut me up by talking on top of me or giving me some kind of Christian cliche.  

Suffering comes to each of us in different ways.  It can become our undoing, as well as the beginning of new freedom.  Yes, freedom.  Suffering allows us to let go of all things and cling to Christ.  That is true freedom.

“God is not interested in what you think you should be or feel. He is not interested in the narrative you construct for yourself, or that others construct for you. Rather, He is interested in you, the you who suffers, the you who inflicts suffering on others, the you who hides, the you who has bad days (and good ones). And He meets you where you are.”    from "Glorious Ruin:  How Suffering Sets Us Free", Tullian Tchividjian
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