Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Binkying Bunnies, Batman!

We have two house rabbits, Mimzy and Mikante. They are such interesting little critters.  I had this stereotype of rabbits being gentle, quiet wee beasties.  They think they are big and strong!  With their tiny mouths they can get a good piece of skin if you dare to enter their territory uninvited!  Our two bunnies like each other, they lick each other and snuggle one another ..... through their cage walls.  When they are out together, the fur flies, and fights ensue along with my rising blood pressure as we try to separate them.  They are very territorial!

Last night we were changing their cages, which is a rather time consuming ordeal.  They had made such a mess of things.  Hay was strewn all about, bottom of their cages were just messy!  When they get in their clean pens, they binky.  A binky is a sign of great happiness.  The running bunny jumps with a mid-air twist! It is quite an acrobatic feat. A bunny that binkies is a happy bunny!  Upon Mimzy and Mikante returning to their pens, the binkies ensued!  We had two happy, binkying bunnies at home.

While we were changing and making everything new and fresh, it reminded me of Jesus.  Yes, even chores like that make me think of Jesus.  Our Savior makes us clean.  We are given His righteousness in exchange for our messy sin.  He washes us clean in baptism, not just a removal of dirt, but a deeper washing; a washing away of sin.  Now, that is good news!  For the sake of Christ Jesus, your sins are forgiven!

Binky away!
Mimzysaurus Rex in clean cage

Mikante greeting me

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