Monday, October 22, 2012

Kickback for Defending Marriage

Mark 6 tells us the gift received by St. John the Baptizer when he defended the biblical idea of marriage.     The adulterous Queen Herodias required of him his head, and her daughter wanted it delivered on a plate.  I imagine so as not to get her hands bloody.  Mark 6:18 tells us that our beloved brother, St John the Baptist, was imprisoned for pointing out sin.

It is no wonder the world becomes angry, much like Queen Herodias, when they hear of biblical marriage.  We sinners always want things our way.  We are like three year olds throwing a tantrum.  But with political power and money we become more like bullies, threatening, if Christians do not agree that men can marry men, and women can marry women.  The culture can call that a marriage, but it does not make it so.  It is only God who can define what is a marriage.

Even facing all the spittle that comes our way when we defend marriage, Jesus died for the spitters too.  They, too, can become free with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Praise Him.
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