Sunday, December 18, 2011

Your King Comes

And go to the exiles, to your people, and speak to them and say to them, 'Thus says the Lord GOD,' whether they hear or refuse to hear."  Ezekiel 3:11

Your King comes in words of the Gospel.  He seeks you out by using the mouths of others, or by reading of scripture.

The man had dialed a wrong number and reached me at work.  I did a little bit of digging to refer him to the correct phone number.  I talked with him a little bit, and then he began confessing some of his doubt and insecurity to me.  I was able to remind him of Jesus’ forgiveness of sin, and the assurance we have.  “You are baptized, right?”  “Yes.”  “You are adopted.”  He hung up the phone and we were both in Christ, peaceful.

In the downtown Holiday Parade, our church had a float.  I walked alongside the float, wishing onlookers “Merry Christmas” and handing out Nativity stickers to children whose parents gave permission.  I was smiling, most people smiled back.  A few said “No thanks” to the Nativity stickers, so I just continued on.  There were a lot of people ahead of me to greet for Jesus’ sake!  I came to one man, and said “Merry Christmas” to him and his response was, “Stop the brainwashing”.  I carried on, but could hear him behind me yelling “Stop the brainwashing” louder and louder.  It was evident the gospel message was coming through the float loud and clear. 

Your King comes in sacraments.  He names you and claims you in baptism.  He continues to come by giving you grace in the Lord’s Supper, where He tells us, “This is my body for you” and “This is my blood for you”, the blood of the new covenant.
The first time I partook of the Lord’s Supper while believing Jesus’ words of what the elements are I was giddy with joy.  It is unexplainable other than to say Jesus’ words are true.  He does not lie to us when He says He is the bread of life, and His  blood is the new covenant.

Your King comes to you as a human, born as a dependent baby, to insignificant parents.  He was born to forgive the world of sin, to become sin for us. He became one of us to save us. 

Your King comes.

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