Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Be or Not To Be

"Remember Dad's 60th birthday?"

"Yes, I do. All us kids were here. It was great."

"Look what I found in Mom's closet. It's the family tree chart that I made for Dad's birthday."

"Oh, wow! That's great. I had forgotten that you made that for Dad."

"Goes back to the old country. Look at all the -dotter and -sen names. The dates are late 1700's."

"That's cool to see again, Kevin. Glad you found it."

"Am I on there?" queries the daughter of the chart's creator.

"Yeah, you're there, Liz." Dad points to the chart. "I labeled you as 'Fetus Johnson' under your mom and I."

"What, Dad?!"

Dad laughs.

"Why would you label me as a fetus?"

"Mom was still pregnant with you."

Dad laughs some more. Never making eye contact with Liz.

I am uncomfortable and look towards Liz.

Her eyes well up with tears as she turns on her heels to hide her face.

May the Holy Spirit continue to open the eyes of the daughter to see the truth that her father cannot see. Amen.
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