Monday, July 25, 2011

The Joy of Dependence

American culture is wrapped up in independence. We won our independence from King George III, we celebrate that independence every Fourth of July. Our modern, or post modern, culture tells us we do not need to accept the status quo, we are to be free from the chains that bound our forefathers. Often those chains are what was once called a sin, they are now referred to as an alternative lifestyle; whether it is gay marriage, or living together without benefit of marriage.

All of us, believers and unbelievers, are dependent upon our Creator. We are creatures that cannot live independently of Him. We are given life and breath; our very being is a gift from our Creator. For a Christian, this is very freeing news.

Christians can enjoy their earthiness; their creatureliness; their being. We have been freed to be fully dependent on Jesus. We can take delight in the things that bring us joy; whether it is out in nature, enjoying animals, splashing in a pool, walking a mile or two, playing an instrument, reading a well-written book, being with other creatures. We no longer need to hide from Him, as Adam and Eve did. We can have full fellowship thanks to the completed work of Jesus for our sake, the forgiveness of our sin.

There is freedom in our dependence.
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