Monday, June 21, 2010

Begone Unbelief

Doctrineless doctrine. What is that? A doctrine is a principle, position, or policy that is taught or advocated. It is impossible to have a doctrineless doctrine. It is an undefineable phrase. One cannot say, "We have no doctrine", because that, by definition, is a doctrine.

In matters theological, it is all about doctrinal distinctions. A doctrineless doctrine would have us denying essentials of Christian beliefs, and declaring unbelief not a sin; after all, there can be no doctrine. Yet this phantasmagorical doctrineless doctrine would be overstepping its bounds.

On the other side of the road is the idea that you must have all your theological ducks waddling behind you in a straight, orderly, logical fashion. They must all waddle together, with the same step. The cries of "consistency" and "logic", often attend with the little ducks. Logic, while we do need and use it, is a worldly wisdom that at times opposes what God says in His word.

Beware of both of these ditches.
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