Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goaded by God

My parents raised me in a Presbyterian Church. I loved being in church from a young age. I recall people in pews ahead of us turning to see that it was my mother attached to the lovely voice they heard singing hymns. There was a time that I wandered away from my mom into the sanctuary. It was a joy to be in that room alone. I recall when I was taught the doctrine of the Trinity. I puzzled and puzzled and tried to understand it. Walking down the breeze way with my Sunday School teacher, I asked her to explain it to me. Her response to me was very wise, "You don't need to understand it, you need to believe it." That brought me great peace as a youngster.

As an adult, I am still asking questions to understand God better. As a result of those questions this last year many of my beliefs have changed. I am starting this new series and labeling it "What I Believe". It won't be in any particular order; but I will attempt to lay out my beliefs.

Am I still a Calvinist? You will have to read the series to find out.
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