Sunday, July 26, 2009

How High is Your Ecclesiology?

Holding a high ecclesiology will eventually crumble into a high view of the law. Churches often argue for their own survival. The pull of culture drags them down into the world; taking the eyes of the congregants off of our object of worship, Jesus. The church, to survive against the world, must exhibit grace without strings, without conditions, from the pulpit of weakness.

In the pulpit of weakness stands a proclaimer of the good news of reconciliation with Jesus Christ. Often this proclaimer stands against the politics of the human organization of churches. These pastors are at the mercy of the powerful; the church machines that control and run roughshod over the sheep.

Beware of the high church views, disenchantment may snare you and plummet you into atheism. Holding ecclesiology lightly, even suspicously, is the answer to the church behaving badly. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the affects of total depravity. God's grace through Jesus Christ is our only Hope.
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