Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Early Creeds

How many times, dear Reader, have you run into Latter Day Saints, or Jehovah's Witnesses, who tell you they are Christians? Do you have the wherewithal to challenge their statements of belonging to Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity? Does your church recite any of the creeds?

Defining a Christian as someone who follows Christ, is not how a Christian has been historically defined. There are many cults, unbelievers, even Buddhists who will tell you they follow Christ. What they mean, of course, is they like their own personal view of Jesus. It does not necessarily mean they have ever darkened the door of a church; nor opened a bible to read it honestly.

The creeds are a source for understanding how to define "Christian". The creeds address such things as the Who is Jesus; the Trinity; the two natures of Christ. All of these things cults do not affirm.

As an American living in a post-Christian culture, it is important that Christians learn about our creeds again. We do ourselves a great disservice by ignoring the works of the saints that have gone before us. At one time, it was common knowledge as parishioners of all faiths were catechized. If your church does not catechize, suggest one; if one still does not happen find a catechism class to join just for your own edification. You don't have to leave your church, just study with someone who is willing and learned, and a good teacher of church history.

Dear Reader, I encourage you to read the early creeds, so that you also may defend your faith.